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Couple Counselling

The journey that we went on with Jacqui was truly incredible! We participated in couple therapy, as well as individual sessions too. We came away from every session with in-depth knowledge and techniques into how we can manage our behaviours and communication better in the relationship. Using Jacqui’s outstanding knowledge, we have become a lot stronger and more understanding of each other’s emotional needs.


Jacqui gave us valuable knowledge that going forward, we will always refer to and maintain in our relationship. We would highly recommend any couple to take up sessions with Jacqui.


Client Reviews


I was feeling so overwhelmed, lost and confused.  Jacqui provided me a safe place each week to pour out my pain, anger and frustration. Four of my family members had died within one year and because of Covid I could not grieve with my family, it was a very lonely time and I became consumed with my own mortality and found it impossible to go to work.  I felt supported and heard by Jacqui, I felt like Jacqui really cared about my feelings and I looked forward to seeing her each week.  I went from feeling like I was losing my mind, to accepting my symptoms were normal for people who were grieving.  Thank you Jacqui, I talk about you all the time and I can never forget you.

Individual Counselling YP

Jacqui has been an amazing counsellor! She has really helped me to understand parts of my life that didn’t initially make sense to me. She assisted me through some of the hardest moments in my life and I always walked away from her sessions feeling like I was being heard - like someone had finally listened to me and I wasn’t being misunderstood. Would definitely recommend her. 

Social Anxiety

I have had therapy before, but with Jacqui I felt heard, Jacqui helped me to understand the cause of my anxieties which during lockdown was causing me to be a prisoner in my own home.  During therapy my anxieties lowered and I was able to go to the post office and look at the cashier in the eyes, smile and say thank you, 


I had lost my job, during lockdown and living alone. As a black man I was also impacted by the racial tensions which had surfaced. I was experiencing insomnia and feeling really low. Every session with Jacqui was insightful and at times challenging. I worked through personal issues and rebuilt my confidence. It was my first time in therapy and it was a helpful experience.

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